The Government has taken several steps to promote yoga in the country as follows:

The Government of India has approved and notified National AYUSH Mission (NAM) which inter-alia makes provision for the following:-

  • Co-location of AYUSH facilities at Primary Health Centers (PHCs), Community Health Centers (CHCs) and District Hospitals (DHs) including Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • Upgradation of exclusive State Government AYUSH Hospitals and Dispensaries including Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • Setting up of up to 50 bedded integrated AYUSH Hospital including Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • Upgradation of State Government Educational Institutions including Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • Setting up of new State Government AYUSH Educational Institutions including Yoga and Naturopathy in the State where it is not available.
  • Under the flexible components of the scheme of NAM, provision has been made for Grant-in- aid to the Yoga Wellness centers and Naturopathy hospitals.

A scheme titled as “Yoga Development Initiative scheme” has been formulated by the Krishnam Aacharya Yoga Prashichhan Sansthan for promotion of health and prevention of diseases, in order to bring awareness among society(specially urban personnel) towards healthy lifestyle and improve their skills through Yoga practices covering all districts of the country.


  1. Scheme will cover all the district of each state except Jammu&Kashmir, Andman-Nicobar, Daman Dew, and all Union Terretory.
  2. One State Monitoring Unit will be established in states covering the scheme, will be called SMU in further references.
  3. District Monitoring Unit(In further references will be called DMU), will be established and monitored by SMU.
  4. Role and responsibilities of SMUs is to assist the DMUs in advertiesment, operation and training to fullfillment the objective of scheme.
  5. All DMU will report and follow the guidlines of SMUs.
  6. All DMUs will organize the Capm, Rally, Jagrukta Abhiyan, and Gram Chaupal to in rural areas to spread the knowledge and benefits of Yoga. DMUs will also encourage to youth for YOGA training and to join the league of initiative.
  7. Every DMU will target to train the 500 youth in their respective district. The Quota of each category(General/OBC/SC/ST/Minority) will be same. ie 100Students in each category.
  8. Minimum duration of YOGA training will be 500 Hrs. and minimum 4 Hrs. daily for one year.
  9. 100 Hours additional should be provided to each candidate for Soft Skills and IT Training.
  10. The quality of training will be observed and monitored by SMUs, except that servillance team may visit any center alongwith SMUs.
  11. During the servillance visit if any lanckness in facilities or trainer is found, action may taken on related SMU and DMU.
  12. After expiry of Pilot Project Duration, Evalution of scheme will be done with concern SMUs.
  13. All DMUs, Who achieve the target of 500 candidates and counduct minimum 5 Awareness programms, will be awarded and will be entitled for expense allowance Rs.2,50,000/- and respective SMU will be awarded with expense allowance of Rs1,00,000/-.
  14. Pilot project of Scheme is for 21st July,2017 to 20th August, 2017.
  15. All Application under the scheme must be clearly mentioned as YDIS Application


Regular monitoring will be done by State Monitoring Unit at district level and report must be updated on SMU Panel.